Pool Remodeling

What are your options when you already have a pool in Phoenix? There are many options when it comes to remodeling your pool. Just like a house, your pool needs a refresh every now and then as well.

Is the bottom of your pool feeling rough? A new plaster coat is needed so you can walk on a smooth surface. Tired of the color of your pool? We can change the plaster color or perhaps add a mosaic on the bottom of your pool featuring a dolphin or a mermaid.

Adding Pool Tiles
We can replace or change that old and falling off tile band around your pool with an updated look. We have lots of tile to choose from.

Loose and falling coping can be a hazard. We can replace and update the look of your coping stones.

Would you like a waterfall? We can add one. If you would like a shear descent waterfall or a rock formation waterfall, we can install it too. We also offer an in pool bar, where we put the table in the water.

Pool Deck
Cracks and rough areas around the pool can lead to injury. We can resurface the pool deck with the material that you are already using or tear it up and start again.

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